OTB Gen2 Whip Flag Mount Set Can-Am Maverick X3 - Aluminum

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Gen2 of our Octane Toy Box black anodized and engraved billet whip flag mounts now work with large diameter body whips such as the mag base models from companies like 5150 and others that are 1.50" across.  These fix the issue Can-am created by not offering a good attachment point for safety flags or back up lights, especially if you are using a roof. These mounts were designed to use factory hardware in the rear Maverick X3 cage extensions, making for a cleanly installed flag or light install point that looks like it was there from the factory. 2 bolts per side and these are installed!  Set includes 1 PAIR of left and right.  Our mounts accommodate both ½” and 3/8” bolt sizes with a nylon bushing to keep your whip centered  on the aluminum mounts.

The Can-am Maverick X3 is an amazing machine. We're just trying to make it better!

**   We will always stand behind our products and warranty them so long as they are used within the parameters they were designed for.  Excessively large flags or multiple flags could possibly damage these mounts. **

 Proudly made in Washing State...good 'ol USA!