STI HD9 Beadlock Sand

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The HD9 wide-stance beadlock options give sand-dune enthusiasts the ultimate performance wheel option. A wider wheel, when combined with the right sand tires, such as our sand drifters allow flotation and traction over the sand.

The HD9 Comp Lock is available in 10-inch and 8-inch wide options for 14-inch wheels, and in 10-inch width for 15-inch wheels. Like the standard 7-inch wide HD9 beadlocks, these sizes deliver Baja-proven performance in a classic 8-spoke design; it’s our strongest beadlock wheel line. The 10mm thick beadlock ring is secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for strength. The HD9 Comp Lock is available in two finish options, Matte Black and Matte Black / Machined, along with a variety of color ring choices. Plus, this beadlock wheel includes a pre-installed valve stem with a black sleeve and matching cap.