STI Out& Back AT

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All-Conditions Performer

The Out & Back AT is designed to perform in all conditions, getting you out and back reliably and comfortably. The tread designs features a center "V" tread pattern to deliver comfort and control on hardpack. At the same time, the 3/4-inch deep, dimpled lugs dig aggressively and cleanout well to keep you moving through deep and sticky mud. Wraparound shoulder lugs provide side bite.

Its 6-ply bias carcass and robust rim guard provides exceptional reliability while remaining surprisingly light. The result is a tire that lives up to its name. If you're going way out and want to get back, get outfitted with a set of STI Out & Back tires. For more aggressive options, check out the large family of Out & Back tires, including the HT, XT, XLT and Out & Back Max.